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Monster Maxx Eclipse

A tart, sugary version of Monster Ultra Violet with a bit more caffeine. I find the taste inferior to most other grape beverages.

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Monster Maxx Eclipse tastes like a strong and potent Monster Ultra Violet. It has a higher caffeine content at 180mg/12oz can (15mg/floz), a stronger taste, and a bit of a sour touch to it as well. Otherwise, the tastes are mostly similar. Monster Maxx has 38g of sugar giving it 160 calories, which is different from Monster Ultra Violet as well. It is a grape beverage that leaves a tart aftertaste in your mouth. The carbonation is lower than a lot of Monsters, and the lack of smoothness makes it underwhelming for an energy drink in general. I love grape energy drinks usually, but this is bottom of the list for me in that category.


The can is cool looking, and it is a Monster edition. Monster always has solid drinks, so you could do a lot worse than Monster Maxx Eclipse. It has more caffeine per fluid oz than most other Monsters, and has a unique grape taste. It is more sour than most other grape beverages, which makes it a bit worse for this particular combination of flavors in my opinion, but some people like that tart aftertaste. The can really is cool looking with a purple and black color scheme, and it has a lot of caffeine for a Monster, so Monster Maxx Eclipse can be a fine beverage to have on occasion.


Unfortunately, Monster MaxxEclipse is one of my least favorite drinks of the Monster variety. Also, due to the sugar, you are more likely to experience a crash a few hours after having one. I mentioned the tart aftertaste before, and that is one reason why I do not like it as much. Sour drinks are fine, but the distinct difference here is that it is tart, and that heavily lowers the redrinkability factor for me. It is actually quite good upon initial sip, but the more you drink, the more inferior it appears to Monster Ultra Violet (which is a 9/ 10 as opposed to the 5.4/10 Monster Maxx Eclipse was given).


I gave Monster Maxx Eclipse an overall of 5.4 because it is a grape Monster beverage. What I mean by that is Monster is great at making energy drinks and grape is an enjoyable flavor. Those reasons are why it is not below a 5 for me. Monster Maxx leaves a tart aftertaste that is not very enjoyable, but does give you a decent kick for a 12oz drink. You may enjoy it on occasion, but I would usually err away from Monster Maxx Eclipse.

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