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Monster Lo-Carb Original

Essentially a low sugar version of the original Monster. If you enjoy Monster Original beverage, you will like this one.

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Have you ever had the original Monster? This is exactly like that, but only with 30 calories. There is essentially no difference in taste from the OG Monster to Monster Lo-Carb Original. There are additional sweeteners to make up for lack of sugar, but you cannot tell as there is no more of an artificial flavor detectable than in the original. It has 30 Calories (fewer than original) and 140mg (8.75mg/floz) caffeine per can (less than the original). The kick is very slightly less than the original, but it is still virtually indistinguishable.


The upsides are almost identical to those of the original Monster. This is a unique flavor that is not found in any beverages outside of Monster, and allows the consumer to focus on the task at hand. The main difference is the can. The original Monster has a cool green logo with a black background. Monster Lo-Carb Original has the same logo in blue, but some also have the Halo Infinite promo code on the back with the Halo avatar. It also does not provide as much of a crash as the original Monster because there is not as much sugar.


The downside is that Monster Lo-Carb Original does not share the pedigree of the original Monster. This is not a “must-try’ in my opinion simply because it is not the original. This may seem to make very little sense to new Monster enthusiasts, but I assure you the old-timers here with experience know exactly what I am talking about.


Monster Lo-Carb Original is essentially the same as Monster Original. The taste and mouthfeel are nearly identical, but it has less sugar and therefore fewer Calories and less of a crash after consumption. It is not a must-have, but it is a better option for your health to consume in bulk than the original Monster.

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