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Monster Hydro Red Dawg

Overwhelmingly flavorful and artificial tasting, but is still quite enjoyable on occasion.

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Monster Hydro Red Dawg has an extremely “red” flavor. The Monster Hydros all are packed with flavor, and Red Dawg is no exception. This citrus dragonfruit sports drink will leave you feeling nice, but it does not rev you up excessively. The mouth feel is also a bit off as it has a very pungent taste. Overall, this is a solid beverage that would be better if the flavor were not so overwhelmingly “red.”


200mg of caffeine is a solid amount. While it is not as much per fluid ounce (7.870ml/floz), the aftereffects are very noticeable. The flavor is also appealing, but it can be a bit strong.


The mouthfeel is the biggest downside. While somewhat smooth, it is almost too bold as it hits your tongue. The flavor tastes a bit too artificial, which is why it is not rated higher than 8/10. Some people may enjoy this more than I did, but I believe that it could be significantly enhanced if they removed some of the artificial flavoring.


The taste is an overwhelmingly artificial “red” flavor, but the beverage is still enjoyable. I used this to prep for a field sport, and it worked very well overall. 25.4oz is a lot when you also down 32oz of water before running around, but the energy is worth it. I recommend this over most carbonated beverages before running, but there are more enjoyable energy drinks for relaxing.

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