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Lidl Kong Strong Sugar Free Energy Drink

A slightly more bitter Red Bull taste that closely resembles that of Red Rain. I do not recommend this to anyone who does not like the taste of Red Bull.

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The sugar free Lidl Energy Drink tastes very similar to the one with sugar. The only difference is that it is slightly more bitter due to them not adding too much sweetener to compensate for the lack of sugar. Instead of tasting exactly like Red Bull, this tastes closer to Red Rain. If anyone reading this has had Red Rain, I will be impressed. It is no longer manufactured, but I used to get the 16oz cans for 89 cents, and it was a great Red Bull substitute. The appearance, kick, and overall enjoyment of this drink is nearly identical to the classic version.


The sugar free Lidl Energy Drink is mildly bitter, but grows on you with every sip. I am sure my colleagues and I will have varying views because they enjoy Red Bull more than I do. If you like Red Bull or Red Rain, then you will enjoy this beverage as well. It is less expensive than Red Bull, and an overall cheap alternative for an average amount of caffeine. An 8oz can has 75mg of caffeine (9.375/floz), so the kick is what you would expect from original name brands such as Monster and Red Bull.


I personally do not like the taste very much. Bitter indistinguishable tastes are not my favorite, so I rated this drink a 4.6/10 overall. I strongly prefer sweeter beverages bursting with flavor, and this simply is not it. When trying new beverages, sugar free Lidl really does not bring anything new or exciting to the table.


I would recommend this energy drink to those looking for a sugar free and cheap alternative to Red Bull. The lack of sugar not recompensed by enough artificial sweetener makes it slightly more bitter than the original, leaving a closer resemblance to Red Rain than to Red Bull. It has an average amount of caffeine, and is overall an average beverage. There is nothing special about the taste, texture, or appearance (although the Gorilla on the can looks pretty cool), so I would not highly recommend this beverage.

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