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Lidl Kong Strong Energy Drink

Cheap Red Bull replacement. If you have tried Red Bull, you already know the taste, kick, mouth feel, and every other tangible aspect of Lidl energy drinks.

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The Lidl Classic Energy Drink is practically indistinguishable from the original Red Bull. It has the same amount of sugar, Calories, and a similar caffeine content at 75mg/can (9.375mg/floz). It also has almost exactly the same taste as Red Bull. I literally could not tell them apart initially until I compared them side-by-side.


Do you like Red Bull? If so, you will like the Classic Lidl Energy Drink the same amount. If you need a substitute for Jager Bombs, boy do I have a drink for you. In all seriousness, Lidl energy drinks are dirt cheap. They are by far the most cost-efficient Red Bull replacement, and would probably replace red bull entirely if anyone actually knew about them. This may not be the case everywhere, but I got them for just over $1 each. The can is also way cooler than Red Bull’s in my opinion. They kept the same logo from the original name “Kong Strong,” then just replaced the text with “ENERGY DRINK.”


Kong Strong is a way cooler name than “Lidl Classic Energy Drink.” I am unsure as to whether something happened with the copyright claims, but I do know that it is not currently called Kong Strong. The main downside is that Red Bull really is not the best tasting energy drink in my opinion. You could do much better when trying new beverages than Lidl Classic Energy Drink.


The only people I would recommend the Lidl Classic Energy Drink to are those looking for a cheap Red Bull alternative. They are practically identical, but this one is significantly cheaper (and has a cooler can). It will give you the kick you would expect from a Red Bull as it has a moderate amount of caffeine. If you want to try something new and exciting, I would search elsewhere.

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