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Gatorade Fast Twitch Tropical Mango

Strong mango flavor with the perfect kick as one of my favorite Fast Twitch selections.

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Tropical Mango is my second favorite Fast Twitch behind Glacier Freeze. This really surprised me since I thought I’d like Cool Blue more, but this one pleasantly surprised. It is perhaps the most refreshing of the six with a very prominent mango flavor. Most mango beverages are not quite this strong. I definitely recommend this beverage to anyone wanting a refreshing non-carbonated energy drink.


The mango flavor is quite strong, which is a pleasant surprise when compared to many other mango energy drinks. It also provides the exact kick I am looking to get before a sporting event. It is just enough to rev you up to make you alert without giving any hint of jitters. The taste is refreshing on an island, and this can be enjoyable for a multitude of occasions.


It just is not elite. Sometimes, the downside to a beverage is simply that others taste better. I enjoyed this a lot for what it was and will surely have it a lot now that I am gravitating towards Fast Twitch more now as a preworkout, but there are other more classic energy drinks that have superior flavors.


This is an excellent mango beverage with the perfect kick. It does exactly what it needs to do in order to increase alertness and get you moving along with being a tasty stand-alone beverage. The only downside is that the mango flavor itself is refreshing, but will never quite be elite on its own in my eyes.

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