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Gatorade Fast Twitch Orange

An orange version of a Kool Aid Burst.

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Gatorade Fast Twitch has one of the most unique orange flavors out there. Most orange flavors are purely orange and taste similar to each other. This version tastes more like an orange flavor mixed with Kool Aid. If you want an apt comparison, it feels almost exactly like the twist top Kool Aid Bursts.


The uniqueness of the Orange flavor will be appealing to some. I actually have found myself drifting more towards this option lately over the Strawberry Watermelon, despite giving Strawberry Watermelon a better ranking. It is crisp when cold, and the bite it gives when hitting your tongue is slightly superior to the other flavors (again, only when cold).


It has the same bitterness as the other Fast Twitch options, if not more, and is also more heavily artificial-tasting. Once this beverage gets closer to room temperature, it is much less appealing than when it is cold. It is fine overall as a stand-alone flavor, but not the type of preworkout you want to keep in your gym bag.


It really tastes like an orange version of the Kool Aid Bursts from “back in the day.” The orange flavor is unique and enjoyable on occasion, but the pure taste is inferior to most other well-established energy drinks.

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