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Gatorade Fast Twitch Glacier Freeze

Like a refreshing blue popsicle with a stellar mouthfeel.

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The Glacier Freeze flavor resembles that of a liquid blue popsicle. If I had to compare them directly, I would say that Glacier Freeze is almost like a bitter and more suppressed version of a liquid blue popsicle. The popsicle aftertaste lingers more than any normal Gatorade, which almost feels like a pseudo-mixed berry flavor at times. The unique flavor of Glacier Freeze is appealing, but not quite enough to crack into the elite category when comparing it directly with other top-tier energy drinks.


It is better-tasting than most Gatorade flavors. The Gatorade Fast Twitch flavors are all rather unique compared to their lesser, standard, non-caffeinated options. The kick gives exactly what you need for a workout; no more, no less. If you want a refreshing energy drink with a smooth mouthfeel, then a cold Fast Twitch Glacier Freeze is perfect for you.


Glacier freeze lingers on your tongue like a sugary energy drink as opposed to a normal Gatorade, with the added benefit of having zero grams of sugar. It is a bit bitter, but not nearly to the point of an Adrenaline Shoc. The bitterness is more on par with the Full Throttle brand, even though Full Throttle has an ungodly amount of sugar.


Glacier Freeze is my personal favorite Fast Twitch in their variety pack (which includes Orange and Strawberry Watermelon). It is tasty, refreshing, and just feels right when consuming it before a sporting event. I highly recommend this to any Gatorade lover who has been longing for that extra kick.

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