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Gatorade Fast Twitch Cool Blue

Mild blue raspberry flavor that is fine on its own, but fell short of my high expectations.

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True Blue tastes more like your standard Gatorade than the other editions. I feel as if someone's mom would make me drink this after a youth soccer game. It has less of an aftertaste, and really tastes like what you would expect from a blue raspberry Gatorade. While fine for what it is, it fell below my expectations after enjoying the other flavors so much more than expected.


Blue drinks are just plain good. I have been really negative in this review, but still enjoyed the flavor overall. A 7.1/10 is very respectable, and I will still have this energy drink on occasion as a preworkout moving forward. It’s still good; just not great.


Cool Blue is somewhat chalky and bitter, but has less of an aftertaste. The flavor was not as strong as expected, which is the opposite reaction I had from some of the other Fast Twitch flavors. This is fine on its own, but fell short to expectations all around.


This mild blue raspberry flavor is reminiscent of your run-of-the-mill Gatorade. It has less of an aftertaste, but is still as bitter as many of the other flavors. While enjoyable, it was not my favorite of the Fast Twitch editions.

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