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EBoost Super Fuel Sparkling Blue Raspberry

A poorly crafted energy drink that falls short of their pre-workout.

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This is the worst blue raspberry stuff I have ever had. I actually had high hopes because I used to take the EBoost pre-workout, which did a pretty good job and did not taste bad at all. That said, the standards for energy drinks and pre-workouts are vastly different. This tastes nothing less than an artificially flavored version of their powder.


Since leaving this section blank is not an option, I will say that perhaps the fact that it did not live up to my expectations is making me view this in a darker light than I probably should. There may be some people who like this unique take on the blue raspberry flavor, but I highly doubt there are many of you out there.


110mg of caffeine per can (9.57mg/floz) is not enough to rev you up. It is hardly enough to keep you awake, and the flavor does not help. This is a poorly done blue raspberry flavor with a poor mouthfeel. Overall, this energy drink is actively unenjoyable with no real redeeming qualities.


While I thought they could replicate C4’s success with turning decent pre-workouts into delicious energy drinks, saying they fell short would be a compliment. The low caffeine content and poor taste make this outright unenjoyable. With nothing too redeeming about this beverage, I kept it at a 3.0 out of respect for the brand and the enjoyment it has given me previously, but it would not surprise me if further reviews bring this even lower.

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