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Ciclon Energy Drink

A sweetened Red Bull with brown sugar.

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Ciclon Energy Drink seems appealing on so many levels. First off, it does not really have a name, with a giant C* on the front. Second, it is a product of Austria, which is novel to my North American self. Lastly, and best of all, brown sugar is one of the main ingredients. I had never heard of brown sugar as an ingredient in an energy drink before this. When I cracked open the can, it unfortunately smelled just like Red Bull. I looked up caffeine content, since it is not listed on the can, and it says “32mg/100ml.” Thanks, Austria, very helpful. After some quick math, it unsurprisingly came out to roughly 78mg/can.


If you like Red Bull, then you will enjoy Ciclon Energy Drink. It tastes nearly identical, but is noticeably sweeter, which I personally enjoyed. With 28g of sugar and a typical flavor, you know exactly what you’re getting.


I do not enjoy Red Bull as much as the community. I expected something new with Ciclon, but just got the same old flavor. If you want something different and exciting, this is not the place to look.


This sweetened Red Bull flavor is nothing to write home about. If it is not readily available in your local convenience store, then you are not missing much. If you would like a sweeter version of a Red Bull, then this is your drink. If not, then feel free to look elsewhere for something more exciting.

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