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CELSIUS Sparkling Wild Berry

Inferior to other mixed berry energy drinks. Bitter and not as smooth as most other Celsius options. Not flavorful enough for my liking.

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While Celsius Wild Berry is moderately enjoyable due to the mixed berry flavor, it is not as smooth as most Celsius energy drinks. I am positive that it has the same energy blend and carbonation level, so it is probably less smooth due to the bitter taste. I would generally give mixed berry beverages higher than a 4.1/10 in taste, but this is just inferior to the rest. It is bitter, artificial, and the first word I said after taking a sip is “gross.” Now I doubt that it will be objectively “gross” for everyone, but I simply did not enjoy it.


200mg of caffeine per can (16.67/floz) is a formidable amount. It is the perfect amount to fully wake you up without making you too jittery. There is also no sugar, so there really is no crash once the caffeine wears off. Some people who love mixed berry flavors may enjoy this beverage, but it is on the lower end of the spectrum in my opinion.


Celsius Wild Berry could be so much better if it were sweetened. I am unsure how it can taste artificial with hardly a hint of sweetness. As I mentioned, I said “gross” out loud to my brother after taking the first sip (which he found entertaining). The can is also bland and boring. Celsius Wild Berry is not terrible by any means, but there are many beverages I would strongly prefer.


This is my least favorite Celsius thus far. While mixed berry flavors are usually enjoyable, this is just too bitter for my liking. It does not feel as smooth as other Celsius energy drinks, and delivers an average kick. I would recommend a different brand if you are looking for delicious mixed berry flavors.

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