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CELSIUS Sparkling Cola

Tastes like flat Pepsi. No real redeeming qualities.

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Celsius Sparkling Cola tastes like a flat Pepsi to me. It is still better than some of the lesser energy drink brands such as Rip It, but it is inferior to pretty much every other Celsius flavor. While it has 200mg of caffeine (16.67mg/floz), it still lacks any sort of initial kick. While the other Sharks enjoy Celsius Sparkling Cola, I personally am not a fan.


This is a light energy drink, and it has more caffeine than most regular colas. It is easy to sip while preoccupied with other activities, and will deliver a fine midday energy boost. It is not rated lower because colas are still generally appealing, but there is not much more I could say about the upside of Celsius Sparkling Cola.


It tastes like flat Pepsi. It does not even get a boost to tasting like flat Coke (get bodied Pepsi). Either way, I enjoy this less than typical soft drinks despite it having more caffeine. If you want a cola with more caffeine, this may be your only option, but I do not recommend it as a first choice to anybody.


Most energy drinks and soft drinks taste better than Celsius Sparkling Cola. There is nothing too redeeming about this edition, and other Celsius options are far superior. The other Sharks thoroughly enjoyed this beverage, but I do not see the appeal.

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