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CELSIUS HEAT Strawberry Dragonfruit

Overbearingly sweet. Could be remarkable if the sweetness did not decrease the appeal of repeated consumption. Tastes like a kiwi, pear, and strawberry jolly rancher. Great chaser.

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Celsius Heat Strawberry Dragonfruit is overbearingly sweet. It mostly tastes like a strawberry jolly rancher. While this can be delicious for a while, it is treacly in nature and ends up cloying over time. Many may really enjoy this beverage once, but it certainly has a lower redrinkability factor than most other energy drinks.


If you like overly sweet beverages, Celsius Heat Strawberry Dragonfruit is the drink for you. It tastes like a cross between a kiwi, pear, and strawberry jolly rancher. Due to its bold mouth feel and 300mg caffeine content (18.75mg/floz), it delivers a decent kick. The kick would be greater if it were not such a smooth beverage. It also is a great chaser as it will completely wipe any other flavor out of your mouth. The Celsius Heats all go down very easily, this one just happens to be a bit sweeter than the rest.


Due to the sweet nature of the flavor, there is no need for as much sweetener as is in most Celsius Heats. Unfortunately, they did not change their formula, so Celsius Heat Strawberry Dragonfruit is overbearingly sweet. Almost everything else about this drink is great, but not enjoying the taste really brings it down a few pegs.


Celsius Heat Strawberry Dragonfruit is a smooth drink that delivers a nice kick. Unfortunately, its excessive sweetness detracts from the taste. The first sip was nice, but the appeal declined very quickly after that. The pink color of the can over the white background and Celsius Heat logo was a great choice. It is a clean look for a beverage that could truly be remarkable. It is rated a 6.5/10 overall because it was simply not enjoyable for me after the first few sips.

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