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Tangy and tart. Undesirable aftertaste and lackluster mouth feel. 300mg of caffeine will awaken anyone after consumption, but the initial sip fails to excite.

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Celsius Heat Jackfruit is tangy and tart. It has 300mg of caffeine (18.75mg/floz) and is meant to provide healthy energy to act as essentially a preworkout. It is supposed to be different from other “performance enhancing” energy drinks by boosting your body’s metabolic rate through thermogenesis (hence “Heat”). While it may be slightly superior to others for exercise purposes, the kick is not as strong as many other 300mg beverages. The mouth feel is lacking, especially when compared to Reign. In any sort of energy drink meant to rev you up, you want something that fizzles upon hitting your tongue. Celsius Heat Jackfruit simply fails to excite in that regard.


300mg of caffeine is a solid amount that will wake anyone up. I mentioned the kick is lackluster, but that is only comparatively speaking. It still deserves an 8/10 kick simply due to the sheer quantity of caffeine. I have also read extensively on the health benefits of Celsius Heat over other brands. On top of only containing 15 calories and no sugar, it is not as artificial while having superior supplements and none of the “bad stuff” in most other energy drinks. While this is mostly true, it is also the reason for the mediocre taste.


Celsius Heat Jackfruit is too tart for me. It has a distinct tangy aftertaste due to the unique flavor and energy blend of Celsius Heat. Unfortunately, it is not a great taste and will leave you wishing you chose a different flavor. It is too bold and distracting to consume while trying to concentrate because the tart flavor lingers in your mouth and is distracting. It is bold, but not strong enough of a flavor to rev you up as much as many other brands upon hitting your tongue. While Celsius Heat is healthier than other brands and I do recommend some of their flavors, Jackfruit would not be on that list.


Celsius Heat Jackfruit is too tart with an undesirable tangy aftertaste. 300mg of caffeine will amp you up, but the mouth feel is lackluster and will not excite you upon your first few sips. The can has a clean look which I like, but the Celsius logo is rather bland leaving appearance slightly above average at 5.5/10. Overall, you could do better than Celsius Heat’s Jackfruit flavor.

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