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CELSIUS HEAT Blueberry Pomegranate

More pomegranate than blueberry. 300mg of caffeine, smooth mouth feel, and overall above average energy drink. Not my first option, but I can see how some may really enjoy this beverage.

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There is hardly a resemblance of blueberry in Celsius Heat Blueberry Pomegranate. I really can only taste the pomegranate. If they had a bit more blueberry to sweeten the overpowering taste of pomegranate, this could be a far superior beverage. There are 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz), yet delivers a low kick in comparison to other 300mg beverages. The appearance is ranked far above other Celsius Heats because the choice of a sleek blue enhances the clean appearance of the can. Overall, this is a fine energy drink.


The mouth feel is fantastic considering the strength of the pomegranate flavor. A taste this bold would probably not be as good if it were highly carbonated. Celsius Heat goes down very easily for being a 300mg beverage. There also does not seem to be a severe crash once the caffeine wears off. If you want an energy drink as a preworkout, this would actually be a very solid choice.


Due to only using sucralose as the artificial sweetener in combination with the bold pomegranate flavor, there is a mildly bitter aftertaste. As with most energy drinks, the bitterness is less severe when newly opened and ice cold. As far as 300mg sugarless energy drinks go, you can find far more flavorful options such as most editions from Raze and Reign.


Celsius Heat Blueberry Pomegranate is overall a fine energy drink. It does not specifically excel in any specific category, but a 6.8/10 overall is a very decent ranking. The blueberry is not as strong as most other “blue” options, making this slightly disappointing to me. It has a high caffeine content, sleek appearance, and a decent taste. While it may not be my first option, I can see how some may really enjoy this beverage.

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