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C4 Frozen Bombsicle

A delicious blue beverage with a solid amount of carbonation and caffeine. With 200mg of caffeine, no calories, and a popular flavor, I would recommend this to all energy drink lovers.

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When I first had C4 Frozen Bombsicle, I thought it would taste like the C4 preworkout. I have never been so wrong. C4 Frozen Bombsicle is delicious. It is one of those classic “blue” flavors I enjoy so much, and has moderate to above average levels of carbonation with 200mg caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz). I would expect C4 to have a higher caffeine content due to its original preworkout brand, but 200mg is in that enjoyable range. When consuming C4 Frozen Bombsicle, you need to forget about the preworkout. They are completely different in taste and general appeal.


The biggest upsides to this C4 have to be its taste and caffeine content. Most energy drinks are either around 160mg or 240mg (or 300mg) per can, but C4 Frozen Bombsicle sits at a nice 200mg. This product also tastes fantastic and can be used for many purposes. I can see this being a drink to help you focus, game, workout, or anything else really. The flavor is pronounced, but not overly bold or distracting. With zero sugar, there is not much of a crash once the caffeine wears off.


I am going to put appearance in the downside category. It is fine, but the can does not suit the flavor. C4 energy drinks always look like there is caution tape around it. There is also minimal blue on the can, which is supposed to be an indicator that it has a related flavor. I think C4 should abandon the current cans that look 85% identical regardless of clavor, and find something that looks more appealing. The other main downside is that it is not a C4 preworkout substitute. It will not get you the kick that the preworkout does. I personally do not mind this, but there are not many notable downsides to this beverage. It is really solid, and I would recommend it to all energy drink lovers even if you would never consume C4 preworkout.


C4 Frozen Bombsicle is a delicious beverage with a solid amount of carbonation and caffeine. It has no sugar or Calories so there is not much of a crash, and there is seemingly no resemblance to the C4 preworkout (at least not any I have tried). It does have a more artificial blue taste, which I enjoy, but I understand why that might deter some people. Overall, I think C4 Frozen Bombsicle is a strong energy drink on most fronts and definitely worth the try.

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