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C4 Black Cherry

Smooth, strong black cherry flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness for everybody.

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C4 Black Cherry is one of the few beverages based on a preworkout that is legitimately refreshing. The smooth texture and modest black cherry taste combine to create a drink that is just sweet enough without being overbearing. This flavor, while mildly artificial tasting, is one of the best C4s out there.


It is sweet enough for people like me who love overly sweet drinks, but mild enough for anyone to enjoy. The black cherry itself is extremely prominent, again, without being overbearing. The caffeine content is also perfect with 200mg per can (12.5mg/floz), so it will wake you up without making you feel jittery. The mouthfeel is perfect, and each sip pleases more than the last.


C4 Black Cherry does certainly have an artificial aftertaste. While most energy drink connoisseurs may enjoy such a taste, it may be a bit much for newbies to have in bulk. It also does not have that wow factor that brings it up higher than a 9.0, but it is still one of my highest rated drinks to date.


C4 Black Cherry is simply an excellent beverage. I do not know of anyone who would not enjoy its flavor. If you are recommending a drink to your buddy, this seems like a really safe bet to get them into energy drinks. I may not be as high as the other sharks on this one, but it remains elite as one of my top rated beverages.

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