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Beyond Raw Lit Rainbow Pegasus

Lit Rainbow Pegasus tastes like a preworkout. It is designed as such and sold as a workout supplement. It has a solid caffeine content, but I would not recommend this for casual consumption.

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Lit Rainbow Pegasus tastes exactly like preworkout. I have not had preworkout since some bouts with supraventricular tachycardia in college caused by excessive caffeine consumption, but if I recall correctly, this tastes exactly like Jack3d. Lit was designed to be consumed as a preworkout, or at least it says so on the can (which we will get into later), so this makes sense. It has 250mg caffeine per can (15.625mg/floz), which is a very unique number for an energy drink. If you enjoy the taste of preworkout, then first of all, stop lying to yourself. You would not enjoy drinking preworkout casually. If you actually do, then you will probably enjoy Lit Rainbow Pegasus.

However, before we get into the upsides and downsides of Lit Rainbow Pegasus, we need to discuss the appearance. The can looks really cool with soft flames behind the “LIT” label, which suits the title well, but what in the actual flip is their marketing team thinking. “Beyond Raw,” it says as the first text you read when looking at the can. What in the flying flabnabbit does that mean. If this drink is “beyond raw,” why would I want to drink it. It sounds like it’s a vessel for salmonella. Then under “Beyond Raw” is the title “LIT,” but then it says “Clinically Dosed.” Clinically dosed with what? Now it just sounds like they are infusing this with drugs. If you are still not convinced, then do not worry as it is “Built By Science.” What does this mean exactly? I mean, I do not know, but they then reassure you that “If it’s in our labels, then it’s in our cans.” This is nice because it is not like all of the other energy drink companies that put random stuff on the labels of ingredients that are not in the can… Oh wait, no one does this. Ok, rant over. Time for the upsides and downsides of Lit Rainbow Pegasus… God bless that is an awesome name...


Besides the appearance, I think the biggest upside is the caffeine content. 250mg is a really good number for most people who indulge frequently. 300mg can be a lot and make you jittery, and 160mg is a bit low for getting hyped up. There are also only 20 calories, which is good for any energy drink. It does seem to be tailored to those who are using it as a preworkout. I would not expect anything less from a drink made with “Proven Ingredients. Proven Doses. Clinical Quality. Real Science. Real Results.”


The biggest downside to me is that it tastes like preworkout. Preworkout is fine and has that association of getting amped up and working hard. While I enjoy that feeling, the taste is by no means enjoyable. I rated the taste a 4 out of 10 because of a positive association with working out. In a vacuum, I would probably rate taste a bit lower.


The biggest takeaway from Lit Rainbow Pegasus is that they need a new marketing team. The second biggest takeaway is that this drink is probably used best as a preworkout. It was made specifically for that purpose, it tastes like Jack3d, and on the can it instructs you to “consume one can pre-workout.” I would not drink this casually due to the taste, but it has a great caffeine content per can at 250mg. I can understand why people would enjoy it, but I do not see anyone liking it more with repeated use.

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