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BANG Purple Haze

The best Bang. Superior grape Fanta flavor. Incredible kick. No real downsides.

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Bang Purple Haze is my favorite Bang flavor. It tastes like a less sugary, superior version of grape Fanta. The kick is high with 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz) and a bold mouth feel that wakes you up instantly. The appearance is the best of the Bang flavors as well because dark purple and black are dope colors, but the Bang logo is just so terrible that it remains a 4/10. This energy drink is delicious, and I recommend it to everyone who loves grape flavors.


Flavor and kick are the primary upsides. These are the two qualities that matter most, so Bang Purple Haze is just an overall great energy drink. Bang has some questionable flavors, but they nailed this one.


The mouthfeel is inferior to Monster, but it is by no means bad. 300mg of caffeine will also make some people jittery if they are not desensitized to caffeine. The only reason that this is not rated higher is because some other unique flavors are superior to grape. I have rarely had a better grape beverage, and coming up with downsides is not an easy task.


Bang Purple Haze is the best Bang in my opinion. It tastes like a superior grape Fanta, provides an incredible kick, and has no real downsides. If you do not like grape, then do not have this beverage. Just know that you are wrong because grape is awesome. Overall, I highly recommend Bang Purple Haze.

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