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BANG Bangster Berry

Unique mixed berry flavor with a strong blackberry aftertaste. Strong kick. Flavor will tire quickly, but is on occasion quite enjoyable.

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Bang Bangster Berry has a mixed berry flavor that leaves a strong blackberry aftertaste. It is sweet, but does not have too much artificial sweetener. While the taste can grow a bit tiresome after a while, it is still very enjoyable start to finish.


300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz) provides a wonderful kick. The strong mixed berry flavor combined with a bold mouth feel will certainly help rev you up. The taste is rather unique as well. While the aftertaste lingers a bit longer than desirable, it is a pleasant flavor that is not provided by most other major energy drink companies. Bang Bangster Berry deserves to be above an 8/10 overall, but it does not possess the flavor to push in into the elite category.


Bang has such a terrible logo. I simply do not understand why they chose this. The bright dark purple is dope as always, but a logo alteration would be fantastic. Besides the logo, there is not much of a downside. The flavor can get old rather quickly due to the lingering aftertaste, and therefore is not good enough to warrant a ranking any higher than 8.1/10. While anything above an 8 is great, it is simply not a good enough flavor to match those in the top tier.


This mixed berry flavor is unique and leaves a strong blackberry aftertaste. While it is enjoyable, the strength of the aftertaste will make the flavor become tiresome quickly. This flavor is not commonly provided by other major energy drink companies, which is rather surprising to me. While this flavor is quite enjoyable every once in a while, it is by no means elite.

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