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Alani Nu Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Strong punch flavor done well, as Alani Nu do.

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This may be my least favorite Alani Nu, but it is still quite good. The punch flavor is enjoyable, but a bit overdone. Nothing too special separates this from other punch energy drink flavors. It has a slight bitter aftertaste, a crisp mouthfeel, and is overall quite enjoyable on a hot summer’s day.


If you like punch, you will love this! Alani Nu does just about everything well, and their Hawaiian Shaved Ice is no different. It has the right amount of caffeine that will leave you feeling good and refreshed. The flavor is also very strong, which is typically appealing to most energy drink consumers.


The bitter punch aftertaste just isn’t ideal. It is not a deal breaker, but punch in general simply is not my cup of tea.


Alani Nu Hawaiian Shaved Ice is very good; just not on par with their other flavors. The bold punch is a favorite to some, but will never elicit an elite grade from me. The aftertaste is a pro for those who like punch, and a con to others. That said, all Alani Nu flavors are enjoyable at a minimum, and I can see this edition appealing to a large percentage of the population.

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