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Alani Nu Cosmic Stardust

Sweet grape skittle flavor that is great once, but has a low “redrinkability” rate.

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Alani Nu always has bold and enjoyable flavors, and Cosmic Stardust is no exception. Tasting eerily similar to Bang Seltzer Purple Kiddles, this grape flavor tastes more like candy then grape soda. The purple skittle flavor is solid and overall quite enjoyable. While it is a fun novelty flavor, it does not quite qualify as top tier.


Grape is a wonderful flavor. It is strong and delicious with 200mg of caffeine per can (16.67mg/floz), which is seemingly the perfect amount. It has enough caffeine to get you feeling good, but it should also not make you jittery. A great flavor with the right amount of caffeine is what everybody should look for in an energy drink.


Cosmic Stardust is excessively sweet, which may become tiresome over time to some people. It does not have the “redrinkability” factor that many superior energy drinks possess. This is a solid energy drink, but I would not recommend buying this flavor in bulk if you do not enjoy excessively sweet flavors.


While tasty, Alani Nu Cosmic Stardust is too much of a novelty flavor to be considered elite. Grape is a fantastic flavor, but the candy taste is not something I always want while casually sipping on an energy drink. I really enjoyed drinking it and do recommend it to people who prefer sweeter energy drinks, but it does not quite crack the top tier.

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