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Adrenaline Rush Beblda Energizante

Essentially Full Throttle with a hint of lemon.

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Adrenaline Rush tastes very similar to Full Throttle. The mouthfeel and citrus flavor align almost identically. The only real difference is that Adrenaline Rush has a slight more lemony taste to it that Full Throttle lacks. With 152mg of caffeine per can (9.5mg/floz) to Full Throttle’s 160, and 56g of sugar to Full Throttle’s 55g, you know exactly what you’re going to get with Adrenaline Rush.


The upside is that Full Throttle is a good beverage. It is enjoyable, and one of the best pure citrus flavors out there. Adrenaline rush tastes nearly identical, but the hint of lemon makes it even better. This is not as artificial as it sounds with both real and artificial sugar, and is incredibly sweet (which I personally enjoy).


56g of sugar is too much. That in combination with the artificial sweetener may be too much for some people to handle. It also does not deliver an impressive kick with only 152mg of caffeine in a 16oz can. While better than the original Full Throttle, I still would not buy this in bulk for health reasons if none other.


This is essentially Full Throttle Original Citrus with a hint of lemon. While tasty, the high sugar content in combination with lower caffeine content keeps this product with an “Enjoyable” rating instead of pushing an 8+/10. It may be too sweet for some people, and is definitely better when cold. If you like Full Throttle, then you will love Adrenaline Rush. If not, this probably will not be your cup of tea.

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