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3D Candy Punch

Bold artificial cherry taste with moderate carbonation and 200mg of caffeine. Somewhat enjoyable, but there are better tasting cherry energy drinks out there.

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3D is one of the most prominent cherry flavors available. I would compare the taste to a cherry Fanta or a worse version of an Amp Overdrive. Although I love cherry, 3D tastes extremely artificial and therefore has a lower rating than most other cherry beverages I have had. It has 200mg of caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz), which I think is a very good amount. I have heard many people acclimating to 160mg drinks, but getting a bit jittery when moving up to 240mg, so 200mg is a good middle ground.


The can is pretty unique as there is really nothing on it. Some may find it boring because it is just a neon red background with “3D” printed on it, but I think it is super cool. There is no flavor, no marketing text, and every reason to think this beverage is mysterious. There are only 15 Calories, so this could be a solid preworkout beverage as well.


3D is rather smooth with mild carbonation, but the taste is bold and distracting. I would not use it for studying or focusing specifically, but it certainly has its uses. Its kick is nothing to write home about due to low carbonation and a moderate level of caffeine. If you are looking for a cherry beverage, it is decent, but there are superior options out there. 3D tastes a bit too artificial for my liking.


Cherry is always a great flavor, which is why it is a 7 overall for me. There is a good amount of caffeine and I find the can really unique. There are much better cherry drinks out there that taste less artificial and have varying amounts of carbonation (depending on your liking). Overall, 3D is just an average cherry energy drink.

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